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Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism

Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism

The first course in Italy based on the hotel school model, which combines classroom with real-life professional experience

3 internships, with increasing responsibility, for a total of 50 training credits over the three-year period in prestigious companies in Tourism and Hospitality sector

Entirely taught in English

Ranked TOP 100 for Hospitality and Leisure Management, according to QS World University rankings

Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism

The Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism was developed to train professionals in the tourism sector with an international education which combines management skills in the hospitality industry with complementary skills on digital transformation and sustainability of tourism services.

Programme Overview

The Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism was developed to train professionals in the tourism sector with an international education, entirely taught in English, which combines management skills in the hospitality industry with complementary skills on digital transformation and sustainability of tourism services. Particular attention is also paid to an in-depth examination of the complexities of the tourism phenomenon in its social, economic, cultural, anthropological and environmental aspects.

The Bachelor course is the result of a collaboration between the Fondazione Scuola Italiana di Ospitalità, promoted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and TH Resorts, and Cà Foscari University of Venice. The Italian School of Hospitality, in particular, aims to increase the competitiveness and foster the growth of the Italian tourism industry through the training of specialised personnel, who have developed adequate professional skills to support the competitiveness and innovation of tourism and hospitality companies in Italy.

Students will acquire specific operational skills, thanks to a strong coexistence of theoretical lessons, laboratories and internship periods in hospitality companies, favouring a rapid entry into the world of work. Given the professional nature of the qualification acquired, enrolment in a Master’s degree is not the natural outlet for graduates of the degree course.

Course Programme

The 3-year Bachelor degree course aims to train managers in the tourism sector, with transversal skills, from business to hotel management, including innovation and sustainability.

The knowledge and skills that the graduates in ‘Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism’ will acquire fall into three cultural macro-components that are strongly interconnected:


The first macro-area is linked to managerial skills (economic-financial management, marketing, human resource management, organisation, management control, legislative aspects, etc.), which are necessary to initially cover operational middle management roles in various sectors of the hospitality industry and tourism businesses involved in extended hospitality.


The second macro-area is related to competences in the field of digital, ICT and statistics, which are important for the training of a modern tourism and hospitality manager. The phenomenon of the continuous expansion of ICT technologies in the hospitality and tourism industry has in fact led to the profound transformation of the business processes of tourism services, summarised in the neologism e-Tourism (integrated property systems, inventory and CRM management, e-commerce, revenue management, search engine and online social networks, tourism big data analytics, mobile technologies).


The third macro-component of graduate training is aimed at acquiring the skills that enable the tourism sector to be linked to socio-territorial and cultural contexts (museology, history, geography, etc.), knowledge of foreign languages and Asian cultures.

To complete the international aspect of the degree course, the study of a second European language will be added to the English language course.


Finally, the high number of training credits (50 CFU in 3 years) dedicated to internships, with increasing responsibilities during the three-year period, and the workshops carried out within the individual disciplines will ensure the acquisition of specific operational skills for the outgoing professional profiles.


Training Partners

The Degree Course in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism is provided in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Ca’ Foscari University, founded in 1868, is the first Business School in Italy and the second in Europe, after Antwerp. Today, the School represents one of the most prestigious academic realities in Italy, excellent from an academic point of view and always attentive to the needs of a society in continuous transformation. 

Innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity and creativity are the basic features of its educational system. 

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Business Partners

Since its foundation, the School has received numerous expressions of interest and endorsements. In particular, we have numerous letters of endorsement signed by:

  • Hotel chains
  • Individual hotels
  • Local and national trade associations

Many have been deposited with the MUR as proof of support for the initiative of the Degree Course with Ca’ Foscari.

Why enrol on this course

Active learning

You will acquire operational skills thanks to active learning-oriented workshops, culminating in no less than 3 periods of internship in hospitality companies that will facilitate entry into the world of work.

Professional knowledge

You will acquire basic knowledge of managerial, economic and legal disciplines, necessary for the construction of an adequate professional profile in the hospitality sector. You will be familiar with the management aspects of businesses in the hospitality sector and the aspects that link the tourism sector to socio-territorial and cultural contexts, in particular those of history, art and cultural heritage.

IT and language skills

You will acquire skills in IT and quantitative methods, necessary for internal management, supply chain relations, tourism marketing and interaction with digital platforms for tourism. You will deepen your knowledge of a second European language, in addition to professional English.

Career Opportunities

During studies, students will acquire knowledge and skills that will allow them to undertake various professional activities:

  • Professional career within the most modern tourism enterprises, hotels and their internal departments (such as marketing, ICT, Food and Beverage, Guest Relations, events), destination management organisations and public bodies operating in the sector.
  • Expert in tourism and hotel management with skills in economic and financial management, marketing, human resources management and organisation in the hospitality sector. Graduates will be able to work as middle managers capable of covering operational and management roles in different sectors of the hospitality industry in Italy and abroad.
  • Professionals with skills in revenue management, reading big data, managing sales channels for services and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), online digital marketing (on the web and social media) to maximise direct sales channels for services;
  • Experts in the coordination of hotel operational organisation in the room division, Food & Beverage and housekeeping departments, also with regard to sustainability and the valorisation of the specific features of the territory and the socio-cultural context in which the structure is located.
  • Expert in enabling ICT technologies for the digital transformation of the tourism and hospitality sector such as, for example, the analysis of big data, the management of sales channels for services and OTAs – Online Travel Agencies, digital marketing on the web and social media.


The Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism has closed numbers and requires TOLC-e test (logical and verbal test), in addition to B2 English certificate. These requirements let students to be listed in the admission ranking. 

The official enrolment in the course depends on the position held in the admission ranking list.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for 2024/2025 intake consists of the following steps:


  • taking the TOLC-E, by April 22, 2024
  • online pre-registration for the Ca’ Foscari selection, by April 22, 2024
  • inclusion in the rank list, published on May 9, 2024 on the course page of the Ca’ Foscari University following the path Enrol>Evalutation results
  • Pre-enrolment by May 13, 2022
  • On-line enrolment and payment of the first instalment of fees, from July 01, 2024 to August 01, 2024.

For further information, go to the call for applications page.

Fees and Financing

The degree course in Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism envisages an enrolment fee for the academic year 2021/2022 of 6,000.00 Euros (including regional tax for the right to study of 173.00 Euros and stamp duty of 16.00 Euros), without any distinction between Italian/EU and non-EU students.

Study Grants

If you have an economic and financial status (ISEE for subsidised services for the right to study) less than €30,000, you can benefit from the facilities provided by the “Student Act”. If, on the other hand, your ISEE is higher than €30,000, you will be required to pay the maximum amount for the course.

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Key Facts

Qualification awarded by:
Ca' Foscari University
3 years
Start date:
September 2024
Places available:
Cà Foscari Campus - Venice
Student profile:
Enrolment fees per annum:

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