ENIT supports innovation in tourism education by endorsing the Italian School of Hospitality


ENIT supports innovation in tourism education by endorsing the Italian School of Hospitality

Tourism has always been one of the pillars of the Italian economy, with its cultural, scenic, and gastronomic heritage attracting visitors from all over the world. To further support and enhance the appeal of the Italian territory and meet the needs of the tourism industry, the Italian National Tourism Board (ENIT) has recently granted its endorsement to the Italian School of Hospitality. The school was established in 2019 through the joint efforts of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and the TH Resorts group.

The Italian School of Hospitality represents a virtuous model of advanced training in the hospitality sector. With a forward-thinking approach and a clear intention to bridge the gap between the skills demanded by tourism companies and those offered by workers, it aims to revitalize Italian tourism by providing high-quality education inspired by the hotel-school model. The program integrates theoretical classroom lessons with practical field experience, thereby preparing future professionals in the industry to tackle market challenges with competence and confidence.

ENIT, the organization responsible for promoting Italian tourism worldwide, has recognized the high value of the Italian tourism sector. This active demonstration highlights the strategic importance of qualified education as a driving force behind the country’s tourism industry.

The Italian School of Hospitality will thus be able to place its image alongside that of the national body that deals with the promotion of tourism in our country throughout the world.

ENIT’s commitment to endorse the Italian School of Hospitality also showcases how the public and private sectors can effectively collaborate to promote innovation and excellence in the Italian tourism industry.

This endorsement marks a significant step towards elevating the Italian tourism industry to levels of excellence. Only through advanced education combined with practical experience Italy can continue to stand out as one of the leading tourist destinations globally, attracting visitors with hospitable and professional service. This investment in higher education reflects the desire to enhance and preserve the wealth of the Italian territory, ensuring a prosperous future for the country’s tourism sector.