Postcard from Barcelona!

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Postcard from Barcelona!

Here at Scuola Italiana di Ospitalità (Italian School of Hospitality) we always encourage our bachelor students to have some study or internship experiences abroad, starting from their 2nd year. Erasmus+ is a great project that facilitates this international experience with many countries in the European Union and some countries outside of the EU. Here is the story of Giulia, one of our students in the Bachelor’s in Hospitaity and e-Tourism, who spent one semester in Barcelona. Other students this year went to Portugal, Austria, France, Brazil…and many more options are available!

How important is Erasmus mobility today?

In such a globalized world Erasmus mobility is an extremely valuable experience. It allows you to live and immerse yourself in a different country, have a deep understanding of the culture and meet new people, which together contribute to an incredible open-mindedness. It’s something that goes beyond the surface allure of living a semester or a year abroad. I personally view it as an experience that adds an interesting twist to one’s life, a chapter where personal development and growth play a major role.

Is the complementation of Erasmus and Hospitality a winning strategy?

Integrating tourism studies with an experience abroad is definitely a winning strategy. Working in the tourism sector often means dealing with people from different backgrounds. An exchange semester or year serves as the first step in learning how to master this skill because you’re required to navigate this diversity firsthand. Every day you’re immersed in a dynamic and diverse environment where you need to interact with both locals and internationals. This unfolds in a language that may not be your native tongue and requires communication styles that might differ from what you’re used to.

Would you recommend to your fellow students to participate in the program?

I highly recommend taking the opportunity without hesitation. I don’t deny that it can be challenging sometimes but, being halfway through my Erasmus experience, I can affirm that everything is paid off and that the positive aspects far outweigh the negative ones. Besides, the ability to overcome the main challenges, such as new environments, language barriers and different educational systems, is likely to translate into adaptability, resilience and cultural sensitivity, which will refine not only your skills but also your character. In a few words, Erasmus mobility is a great way to discover yourself and see what you’re capable of!