Hotel-School model

Hotel-School model

Why Hotel-School model?

The Italian School of Hospitality is based on the hotel-school model, which combines classroom with field experience.

Hotel and School:

A school where students learn by working hands-on with customers and real-world situations, under the guidance of faculty and industry professionals

Classroom and training on-the-job:

Alternation between lessons in the classroom and training on the job activities verifying in a critical way the effectiveness of the tools and the models learned in classroom

Companies involvement:

Active involvement of companies in the design of specialized and innovative content, field projects and educational workshops

The 3 pillars of the school


The hospitality industry has a major impact on the world around it, and this must be taken into account. Sustainability is a foundational value of all curricula to prepare future managers to take into account the impact of their business on both the environment and governance and, ultimately, the community.


Digitization is a fundamental aspect of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of companies but it shoul always be considered as an enabler, not an end point, in order not to lose sight of the very essence of "hospitality": the relationship with the customer, the guest, and the maximization of their experience.

Italian Lifestyle

Italy is a country known and recognized worldwide for quality: quality of life, quality of relationships, quality of all-round experience for everyone. These aspects must always be valued and exported, so that the enhancement of the "guest experience" can be one of the cornerstones of the training of new managers in the sector.