Vienna: The city Where Life is Best. Our students prove it too!

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Vienna: The city Where Life is Best. Our students prove it too!

Wien is the most livable city in the world. It has been named by the Economist Intelligence Unit in June 2023, the annual ranking specializing in research and analysis of cities worldwide, because of its stability, its robust health care, strong infrastructure and its education system.

«I can confirm the livability score of the city and this is due also for its powerful community able to encourage all kinds of initiatives» says Valeria Masiero, a second-year student of Scuola Italiana di Ospitalità (Italian School of Hospitality), in Wien for an internship with Steigenberger Hotel. «There are many activities organized by the local organizations, especially for young people, and attention to sustainability is constant».

Valeria studies Hospitality Innovation and e-Tourism and, like most of her bachelor’s classmates, she decided to spend  her 2nd year internship abroad. «The difference I noticed with my first internship in Italy» she adds, «is the social impact I had by living in such a big and well-organized city». Valeria last summer interned as a trainee at TH Ti Blu village, a beach resort in Southern Italy, where she grew in terms of industry knowledge and competencies.

Back from an all-Italian experience, in TH Resorts, this year her dream was to move to another country to collect some positive inspiration for her professional life. And from the Intercity Hotel, in the heart of Wien, she says: «My advice to Italian hospitality companies is a greater awareness of the surrounding environment, maybe keeping up-to-date the initiatives and events  planned in the city».

Inclusion and sustainability are also the pillars of Scuola Italiana di Ospitalità and Ca’ Foscari University, that implement an educational offer, inspired by the hotel-school methodology, able to integrate classroom with real-world industry experience. These values should be core  for the Italian hospitality industry because, as stated by Valeria,  «the way a hotel  appears, reflects a whole community around it».